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Injection Moulding Industry


AE-Engineering is a reliable partner ensuring that the plastic components of

your product will suit todays tooling and production requirements.

AE-Engineering is located in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany


Structured approaches and indepth knowledge will minimize review times

and maximise the value of each review for your design team.


Working in a global environment supporting OEM´s, Moulders & Tool Makers across all industries

such as Medical, Electronics, Consumer Goods, Industrial and others



Support Service

  • Review and optimisation of your product design to suit plastic, tooling and production requirements.
  • Identify and eliminate potential problems in an early developement stage
  • Increase quality and reduce costs

Flow Simulation

& Quality Check

  • As part of DFM Support for part optimisation.
  • Status-Q-Check on filling, quality and equipment needs on the actual partdesign
  • Determin tool related requirements such as venting, cooling etc..

Mould Tool Engineering


  • Setup mould tool specification during the DFM Phase
  • Investigation & developement of demoulding concepts.
  • Review and approval of Mould tool designs
  • Technical projectmanagement during tool manufacturing


  • Training courses on tool technology & processing related to part design for manufacturing.
  • Ideal for produktdevelopement, projectmanagers, quality and prototyping



  • Analyse of problemparts / Tools already in production
  • Review of part.- & tooldesign as well as the processing settings
  • Setup package of measures to improve costs and Quality.

Contact Information

Alter Schulweg 34

32120 Hiddenhausen


Tel. 0049 (0)5221 275089

mail: contact(at)ae-engineering.net

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