Engineering Support Services

for the

Injection Moulding Industry

AE-Engineering is a reliable partner ensuring that the plastic components of

your product will suit todays tooling and production requirements.

AE-Engineering is located in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany


Structured approaches and indepth knowledge will minimize review times

and maximise the value of each review for your design team.


Working in a global environment supporting OEM´s, Moulders & Tool Makers across all industries

such as Medical, Electronics, Consumer Goods, Industrial and others



Support Service

Review and optimisation of your product design to suit plastic, tooling and production requirements.

Identify and eliminate potential problems in an early developement stage

Increase quality and reduce costs

Flow Simulation

& Quality Check

As part of DFM Support for part optimisation.

Status-Q-Check on filling, quality and equipment needs on the actual partdesign

Determin tool related requirements such as venting, cooling etc..

Mould Tool Engineering


Setup mould tool specification during the DFM Phase

Investigation & developement of demoulding concepts.

Review and approval of Mould tool designs

Technical projectmanagement during tool manufacturing


Training courses on tool technology & processing related to part design for manufacturing.

Ideal for produktdevelopement, projectmanagers, quality and prototyping



Analyse of problemparts / Tools already in production

Review of part.- & tooldesign as well as the processing settings

Setup package of measures to improve costs and Quality.

Contact Information

Alter Schulweg 34           

32120 Hiddenhausen      


Tel. 0049 (0)5221 275089

mail: contact(at)

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